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The Bugle was founded in 1984 by Niels and Edna Andersen. Prior to publishing the Bugle, Niels published the Cedar Springs Clipper from 1964 until 1978 when he sold it and moved back to the East Coast. Originally founded in 1859 by "COL" Mac Sellers, the Clipper closed its doors in 1980. Andersen returned to Cedar Springs in 1981 and was asked by local residents to fill the void. The result was the Bugle

When Niel's decided that it was time to 'retire' from the Bugle, he originally was going to stop publication with the October 2006 issue when Cedar Springs celebrated its 150th birthday! However, he agreed to let me take over publication beginning with the June 2006 issue.

Layout is done by me. My wife, Nancy, ferrets out my mistakes as proofers. Fred and John Gunnell along with Mark Lester write many of the monthly Our Town and Fur-Feathers-Scales articles. Cindy Patin writes Snip-It Health Notes.

Tom Noreen


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